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Do you need to quickly and easily gain control over your company’s network environment? vScan is here to provide the solution, an integrated platform specifically tailored to enterprise systems.

Reveal vulnerabilities
in large, complex environments.

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vScan is an integrated platform which connects directly to your existing CMDB, ticketing, etc. software, making it easy to implement vulnerability and hardening management within your existing systems.

Software Integration

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vScan is easily implemented, even into complex environments, almost immediately providing administrators with an overview of their systems’ security as well as a prioritized list of issues and methods to fix or mitigate them.

Lightweight Instillation

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vScan discovers a list of devices on the network after every scan, provides alerting about any newly added or removed devices, and automatically updates your existing CMDB or asset management software to reflect the detected state of the network.

Automatic Device Discovery

vScan offers simple and fast upgrades to ensure that your system is always being scanned for the very latest discovered vulnerabilities before attackers have a chance to exploit them.

Superior Upgrades

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vScan provides easy-to-read yet thorough scan reports, giving a clear overview about the state of systems’ security and providing administrators with the information they need to secure their environment.

Customised Reports

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24/7 Live Support

Our team is here to help with anything you need. From assistance with installation to guidance with vScan's operation, we are always on hand to provide one-to-one support.

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Live Demo.

See vScan in action for yourself on our live demo environment, where you can use it to scan our prepared network of hosts running vulnerable software/operating systems to get a clear understanding of how vScan detects, prioritizes, and displays vulnerabilities, potential exploits, and suggested mitigation steps.

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Example report.

Reports generated by vScan give a clear overview about the state of a network’s security, prioritize detected vulnerabilities by risk, and provide documentation about how the vulnerability was detected, how can attackers misuse it, and what steps should be taken to mitigate it. Take a look at an example report generated by vScan from a scan of our demo environment.

Open PDF
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Since 2018, each year more than 15,000 new vulnerabilities were found in information and computer systems and over 1,000 new exploits were published publicly.

Within minutes of any new exploit being published, hundreds of attackers are already scanning the internet looking to exploit the vulnerability; it is no longer possible for network administrators to manually ensure that their systems are secure and do not expose any of these vulnerabilities, automation is needed.

vScan is an integrated platform which looks for and helps with fixing vulnerabilities or misconfigurations which might be misused by malware or attackers to steal, encrypt or destroy company assets. Once a list of issues has been identified by vScan, it prioritizes them by risk and provides administrators with documentation about how the vulnerability was detected, how can attackers misuse it, and what steps should be taken to mitigate it.



Any of your current software.

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+ many more

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